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2011, The first Goblin was introduced.
8 Years later, Goblin Kraken is the new 700 size by SAB Heli Division  

Risorsa 1
Blade Size 690
Weight (no battery/fuel) 3900g
Power supply 12S 4200/5500 mAh

2011, The first Goblin was introduced.
8 Years later, Goblin Kraken is the new 700 size by SAB Heli Division  

• Power train full enclosed in aluminum case.
• Ultra-light, 7075 aluminum alloy highly adjustable rotor head.
• Independent belt shafts for the transmission and the tail.
• Ultra-light Tail case with quick tail fin replacement.
• Full body and boom design with integrated frames.
• Boom detachment system for improved crash durability.

Goblin Kraken introduce again many original solutions never saw in RC Heli world…
Goblin Kraken is the new standard in RC Heli  

Kit Includes:

• Motor pulley 21T (other pulley sizes available)

• 2 sets battery tray with strap

• SAB blades and tail blades ( 690 TBS + 105 TBS )



TRANMISSION MODULE (patent pending)
• Power train full enclosed in aluminum case.

• Power train support 3 shafts: Main shaft to the rotor, shaft to the motor, shaft to the tail.

• One-way system inside the Module

• Reliable, suitable for transmitting any power, it does not require maintenance.

• Sturdy in case of crash. It is possible to replace the main shaft by removing a single screw.

• The transmission module is supplied assembled and verified, ready to be used.



• Power train full enclosed in aluminum case. 

• Ultra-light, 7075 aluminum alloy highly adjustable rotor head. The KRAKEN head allows for a very broad range of dampening setups. The dampers are composed of 3 O-ring (that defines the rigidity) and a techno polymer damper (that defines the maximum possible movement of the spindle). Using different Oring and dampers you can get different responses of the model.

• The blade grips are made from 7075 T6 Aluminum and the blade grip arms are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. In a crash you can bend the arm, but you will never damage the blade grip. Using 1x M4 screw makes it very easy to replace just the arm.

• Independent belt shafts for the motor transmission and the tail.

• Ultra-light tail case with quick tail fin replacement, 3 mm full carbon side plate, 23 grams lighter than the Thunder tail case. Very simple, strong, reliable & durable  

• Full body and boom design with integrated frames.

• Boom detachment system for improved crash durability.

• Kraken ESC support composite tray with sacrificial plastic insert. The edges are covered in rubber for protection...ESC wires are happy:-)

• Wire Support for super east wiring.

• Battery tray.

• Serial Number.

• Goblin Kraken High-tech composite carbon and airex sandwich.


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Helicopter Main Data

Configuration 700
Available P/N SG740
Main rotor diameter 1548mm
Main blade length 690mm
Tail rotor diameter 284mm
Tail blade length 105mm
Main shaft diameter 12mm
Tail shaft diameter 6mm
Weight 3800g (ex. Battery)

Helicopters Secondary Data

Cyclic Servos Standard size 40mm
Tail Servo Standard size 40mm
Typical speed controller 200A
Maximum motor size 62 mm diameter x 70 mm height
Motor KV 500-560KV
Battery compartment 56mmx70mmx320mm
Battery capacity 12S 4200/5500 mAh
Available ratios From 8.8 to 12.1

Spare Parts

Thread Rod M2,5X18
HC140-S Thread Rod M2,5X18
Nylon Nut M2.5
HC200-S Nylon Nut M2.5
Nylon Nut M3
HC206-S Nylon Nut M3
FBL support Low
H0727-S FBL support Low
Pit Mat 680 x 860mm
HA073-S Pit Mat 680 x 860mm
Front Tail Pulley 27T
H1063-27-S Front Tail Pulley 27T
Front Tail Pulley 26T
H1063-26-S Front Tail Pulley 26T
Main Front Pulley
H1062-S Main Front Pulley
Main Frame
H1082-S Main Frame
Battery Guide
H1067-S Battery Guide
Canopy Base
H1101-S Canopy Base
Blade Grip
H1044-S Blade Grip
Swashplate set
H1047-S Swashplate set
Tail Shaft
H1089-S Tail Shaft
Tail Side Plate
H1097-S Tail Side Plate
Carbon Tail Plate
H1096-1-S Carbon Tail Plate
Tail Fin
H1096-2-S Tail Fin
Boom Support
H1061-S Boom Support
Nylon Bolts
HC546-S Nylon Bolts
Low Side Frame Right
H1081-S Low Side Frame Right
€32.00 €24.00
Low Side Frame Left
H1080-S Low Side Frame Left
€32.00 €24.00
Landing Gear Rod
H1071-S Landing Gear Rod
Motor Support
H1058-S Motor Support
Motor Belt
HC535-S Motor Belt
Canopy Kraken Orange
H1075-S Canopy Kraken Orange
Boom Kraken Orange
H1074-S Boom Kraken Orange
€86.00 €64.50
Tail Blades Grip
H1033-S Tail Blades Grip
Blade Grip Arm 30
H1045-S Blade Grip Arm 30
H1046-S Damper
Reference Pin
H1048-S Reference Pin
Rear Servo Mount
H1059-S Rear Servo Mount
ESC Support
H1068-S ESC Support
Canopy Front Block
H1073-S Canopy Front Block
Frame Spacer
H1076-S Frame Spacer
Swashplate Reference
H1088-S Swashplate Reference
Bell Crank
H1090-S Bell Crank
Tail Case Spacer
H1093-S Tail Case Spacer
Bell Crank Support
H1095-S Bell Crank Support
Battery Tray
H1102-S Battery Tray
Wire Cover
H1107-S Wire Cover
Tail Pitch Slider
H1112-S Tail Pitch Slider
Tail Slider Bush
H1115-S Tail Slider Bush
Carbon Rod Set
HC537-S Carbon Rod Set
Blade Holder Kraken
HA072-S Blade Holder Kraken
Grease LDS
HA075-S Grease LDS
Grease NBU
HA076-S Grease NBU
Set Screw M5x 16
HC543-S Set Screw M5x 16
Oring 80 shore
HC530-S Oring 80 shore
Oring 95 shore
HC529-S Oring 95 shore
Pulley HTD 3M - Z26
H1098-26-S Pulley HTD 3M - Z26
Pulley HTD3M - Z27
H1098-27-S Pulley HTD3M - Z27
GEAR Z72, 0.75
H1050-S GEAR Z72, 0.75
GEAR Z15, 0,75
H1051-S GEAR Z15, 0,75
GEAR Z15, 1
H1052-S GEAR Z15, 1
One Way Gear
H1053-S One Way Gear
Main Shaft
H1054-S Main Shaft
Top Structure
H1057-S Top Structure
Kraken Serial Plate
H1108-S Kraken Serial Plate
Damper Kit Set
H1135-S Damper Kit Set
Aluminum FBL Support
H1103-S Aluminum FBL Support
Kraken Manual release 1.1.L

Kraken Manual release 1.1.L

Kraken Nitro Conversion Rev01

Kraken Nitro Conversion Rev01