Goblin RAW 700 KSE

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Goblin RAW 700 KSE

The 3-Bladed model offers always incredible performances. For this reason the RAW KSE was born (KSE >> Kyle Stacy edition)

This is full upgraded RAW, with a super aggressive graphic, light landing gear and carbon tail boom…

Just for pilots who want the best!

Risorsa 1
Blade Size 690
Weight (no battery/fuel) 4000gr
Power supply 12S 4500/5500


• AIRFRAME weight: 2920gr (with blades, no battery, no electronics)

• Main blade length: 690mm

• Tail blade length: 105

• Main rotor diameter: 1582 mm (with 690 mm blades included)

• Tail rotor diameter: 285 mm (with 105 mm tail blades included)

• Cyclic Servos: standard size 40mm

• Tail Servo: standard size 40mm.

• Main Rotor ratio: 11.8 to 8.4 (21T included: 10.1:1)

• Tail Rotor ratio: 5.0-4.8:1 (26T included: 4.9:1)

• Typical motor: 4525 series

• Typical speed controller: 12S, 160-200 A

• Battery size: 12S 4500-5500 mAh.

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Goblin RAW 700 KSE €1,138.00
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Spare Parts

Thread Rod M2,5X18
HC140-S Thread Rod M2,5X18
Nylon Nut M2.5
HC200-S Nylon Nut M2.5
Nylon Nut M3
HC206-S Nylon Nut M3
JR servo arm
HA051-S JR servo arm
Strap 20x250mm
HA041-S Strap 20x250mm
Battery Guide
H1067-S Battery Guide
Blade Grip
H1044-S Blade Grip
Motor Support
H1058-S Motor Support
Tail Blades Grip
H1033-S Tail Blades Grip
Blade Grip Arm 30
H1045-S Blade Grip Arm 30
Reference Pin
H1048-S Reference Pin
Bell Crank
H1090-S Bell Crank
Bell Crank Support
H1095-S Bell Crank Support
Battery Tray
H1102-S Battery Tray
Wire Cover
H1107-S Wire Cover
Tail Slider Bush
H1115-S Tail Slider Bush
Grease LDS
HA075-S Grease LDS
Grease NBU
HA076-S Grease NBU
Set Screw M5x 16
HC543-S Set Screw M5x 16
Main Shaft
H1054-S Main Shaft
Kraken Serial Plate
H1108-S Kraken Serial Plate
Antenna Support
H1134-S Antenna Support
Motor Belt
HC601-S Motor Belt
One Way Bearing
HC602-S One Way Bearing
Hardware Set
HC603-S Hardware Set
Aluminum Block Nut M2
H1386-S Aluminum Block Nut M2
Main Case Top
H1370-S Main Case Top
Plastic Antirotation
H1378-S Plastic Antirotation
CF ESC Mount
H1362-S CF ESC Mount
CF Upper Main Frame
H1343-S CF Upper Main Frame
CF Lower Side Frame
H1344-S CF Lower Side Frame
Canopy Spacer
H1348-S Canopy Spacer
FBL/RX Support
H1268-S FBL/RX Support
Steel Pinion Out Put
H1269-S Steel Pinion Out Put
Swashplate Reference
H1273-S Swashplate Reference
Slant Main Gear
H1276-S Slant Main Gear
Belt Tensioner
H1278-S Belt Tensioner
Top Main Case
H1266-S Top Main Case
Main Structure Base
H1267-S Main Structure Base
Landing Gear Spacer
H1236-S Landing Gear Spacer
Aluminum Tail Case
H1195-S Aluminum Tail Case
CF Tail Fin
H1196-S CF Tail Fin
Carbon Rod Support
H1197-S Carbon Rod Support
Tensioner Idle
H1066-S Tensioner Idle
Black Heat Shrink 350mm
HA082-S Black Heat Shrink 350mm