Goblin RAW 420

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Goblin RAW 420

Raw 420 Main Features:

  • Direct Drive Motor (Competition motor included)

  • New S Line blades (420mm and 70mm included)

  • Quick release battery tray with built-in connectors

  • 10mm one way bearing integrated into the motor

  • Zytel HTN resin blade grip arms (sacrificial)

  • The canopy does not need to be removed to replace batteries

  • Neon yellow color for best visibility (available initially in yellow only)

  • Carbon fiber molded boom as an option also available

Raw 420 Specifications:

  • Airframe weight: 1000 grams (with motor and blades)

  • Main rotor diameter 935mm (with 420mm blades)

  • Main blade length 380 to 420mm

  • Tail rotor diameter 190mm (with 70mm tail blades)

  • Tail blade length 60 to 70mm

  • Micro size cyclic servos (23mm)

  • Mini size tail servo (35mm)

  • Maximum battery size 40x54x135mm

  • Recommended battery 6s 2200/2700 mAh

  • Recommended battery weight 350-420 grams

  • Recommended ESC 60 ( 70-80A is required only for hard 3D flight with temperatures above 30°C)

  • Tail rotor ratio 4:1

  • 8mm main shaft

  • 5mm tail shaft

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Goblin RAW 420 619,00 €
Totale 619,00 €

Caratteristiche principali elicottero
Configurazione 420
Codice prodotto SG421
Diametro rotore principale 935mm (con pale principali da 420mm)
Lunghezza pale principali 420mm
Diametro rotore di coda 190mm (con palini di coda da 70mm)
Lunghezza pale di coda 60 a 70mm
Diametro albero principale 10mm
Diametro albero di coda 5mm
Peso 1000gr (con motore e pale)

Caratteristiche secondarie elicottero
Servo ciclico Micro 23mm
Servo di coda Mini 35mm
Regolatore di giri 60-80A
Vano batteria 40 x 54 x 135mm
Batteria 6S 2200-2700mAh
Rapportature 1:1